Edward has arrived.......  

Posted by eureka twilighter Ellen

Hi Y'all,
Three dimensional "hard" Edward has arrived in Eureka Springs!!! He'll be with me until after the first of April when I have my birthday and surgery! Then I'll send him on. But who do I send him to?! I think it's Tobey, but I'm not sure. HELP please!!
Love Y'all

Forums down?  

Posted by KsTwiMom

Does anyone know are the forums down or is there something messed up on my computer? I have not been able to access either the moms forum or our GTG site. I keep getting a server error.


Posted by Tobey


I have set up a very special place for us to talk about the Golden GTG in November....our own board.....the address is:

it's not very fancy yet. but give me some time!! You have to register to read the board, you can read the welcome thread I think....

and feel free to register even if you know you can't make it to the get together, i did set up a chatty place!!

See you there!!


Posted by Rochelle

This is me getting a suffocating but wonderful bear hug from Kellan at the Twilight Convention. He of course looks adorable! I absolutely hate me in the picture!! I am never taking a side view again!!


Posted by Rochelle

This is me and Ashley from the Twilight Convention!


Posted by Rochelle

This is me and wonderful Peter Facinelli from the Twilight Convention! I'm wearing my TwilightMom's button in this one.


Posted by Esme Soft and Warm

I hope this comes out right. I think I'm gonna take a computer class so I'm not only the oldest GC sister, but also the dumbest!!! This is such a great site - I read all the posts and comments. Now if I can only remember how to get back to start and read what I wrote, and see if I can find the answer to the comments I left. Maybe I should have dropped bread crumbs behind me........

Back in  

Posted by KsTwiMom

I'm back in. Really weird. It would show me logged in for about half second and then log right off but it seems to be working OK now. Phew!

Locked out  

Posted by KsTwiMom

Help! For some reason I can't log on to the forums. Can someone email the power moms to get me back on?


Posted by Morning Glory

Ellen & Rochelle, 

Make sure you get me the pictures you want to put on the DVD (either via email or .jpg files or cd) so I can download them and get it set to music.  We'll do it chronologically so as Edward moves around the country his adventure gets captured in pictures and music.  I would maybe suggest something like "Let's get this Party Started" by Pink for the first entry.  Any other suggestions I'm all ears.  Patty

Thanks for the invite!  

Posted by twilightgramma

Hey I did it! I figured it out...thanks for the invite...the pictures from TwiCon are awesome...what fun! I'm anxious to take Edward with me in August...until then, I'll enjoy his adventures with all of you! And...fyi...my "twilightmoms" account is "broke"...I can't log in...
I emailed someone and I hope they will help...in the meantime...I'm reading all the GTC stuff but I can't post! I miss you...I've been kicked out of the house...I hope I get to come back in before we move!


Posted by Tobey

Hi everyone!! I have added a map over on the right, below Edward's pictures. if you put your mouse over one of the grey squares and click on it you can add yourself. Also you can put a photo with your picture, it will be fun to see where we are all geographically! 




Posted by Rochelle

Ellen the pics are great!! We had such fun! I wish we could do a Vampire get together with our Golden Coven!! Wouldn't that be a scream!!

testing my status  

Posted by bjar719

I can't pry myself away from the computer until I know if I'm using this correctly. I have loved reading everyone's posts, and look forward to hearing more about Edward's adventures.

Vampire Ball at the SF TWI-Con...  

Posted by eureka twilighter Ellen

Hi Y'all,

WHOO HOO!!!! I got my pics from the ball! Here are Rochelle, Me, and Me and Rochelle! Notice that Edward is in all the pics Also one from the 100 Monkeys Concert. Tried to get the stage behind me, but no luck with my little disposable camera. Enjoy ladies! And we really DID think about y'all while we were there! EDWARD HAD A ROCKIN' GOOD TIME!

Me and....  

Posted by eureka twilighter Ellen


Me and the Prince......He called me gorgeous! (He's so polite!) Be still my heart!!!!

The doctor kissed my cheek! And notice that he's holding my hand! *sigh*